How to Hire Someone: A guide for hiring an employee
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Hiring on purpose: How to find the best employees for your organization.
Learn how to hire top-performing employees and conduct exceptional interviews.

If given the choice, would you rather have a root canal or hire a new employee? Believe it or not, most managers and business owners would choose the root canal! Why? Because they are not prepared to hire someone, lack the resources to do so, do not have time, or better yet, have a poor track record for finding the right person for the right job. Quite frankly, some small business owners rely on friends and family to fill their job needs, and have never HAD to hire anyone.

As a leader, what do you need to do to hire more effectively? Where does your organization need help? What is your organization lacking? Do you hire the best, or do you settle for second best? Are you losing your best employees to larger, cooler organizations? What about the hiring process is keeping you up at night? Do you “panic” hire?

Did you know that most hiring decisions are made in the first four minutes of an interview? It’s true! And then the remaining interview is typically spent justifying this decision. It takes longer than four minutes to order and receive your double tall skinny café mocha at your local coffee shop. One decision impacts your waist line, the other impacts your organization’s bottom line!

There is an “art” to hiring the right employee, and it requires more than four minutes of your time. Are you ready to invest more time in finding the right person for your organization? Then take the first step by learning from experts in the field.

Remember, you are looking for the right person that will fit into your organization and fill a job with specific requirements. You are making a long term decision. Spend the time to do it right the first time.

KEYGroup® helps leaders identify and hire top-performing employees by attracting the right candidate and finding the best talent. We have a process that will guarantee that your hiring decision is the right hiring decision.

Our process includes:

How to conduct a successful first interview

  • The objective of every interview is to put the right person in the job who has the right competencies for that job!
  • Planning and preparation are the keys to effective interviewing.
  • Identify and discuss the job description or core competencies needed to do the job.

The importance of pre-employment assessments

  • The use of reliable and highly valid assessments to screen applicants.
  • Why assessments should never account for more than a third of any hiring decision.

The proper way to conduct background checks

  • An employer should do pre-employment testing and background checks.

The Do’s and Don’ts of interviewing

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